Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Socks Shoes and/or Sandals V.s. Amount of time spent listening to music today

Are you wearing socks, shoes and or sandals right now? 1, 2 or all 3?Amount of time you spent listening to music today? (including in car, ipod, computer, etc.)
Socks & shoes1 hour
Socks & shoes0
sock + shoes = happy feet2 Hours (THE TEMPER TRAP)
sock & shoes3
socks & shoes2
socks, shoes2
2(socks and shoes)20 min.
socks + shoesEvery Hour
socks, sandlesI don't remember the last time I listened to music???
bear foot ;)more then 1:30':30''
socks & shoesalooooot
bear foot1
socks & shoes1 hour
socks & shoes3 hours
sock, shoes1
socks, shoesAround 3-5 hrs
socks always(my feet sweat alot)24/7 There is a soundtrack to my life in my head ALWAYS.

Again, we produce such interesting data from such a diverse class. I would like to note that we have increased our sample size by informing more and more students about the survey and generating a buzz amongst the students! This is still not the entire class, but one day soon it will be.
This survey was an attempt to find the "sandal wearing hippies" and see how much they are rocking out during the day. Unfortunately we only have 3 sandal wearing hippies in the class and they are contradictory on there reporting of how much music they listen to. One said a 30 minutes, and another said alot. From this all we can conclude is that people who wear sandals, defiantly listen to music. I don't know what it is, but socks with sandals completely cancel to give 0 hours of music for a long time. This is really unfortunate, as keeping up with pop culture can help you stay in style and avoid wearing clashing statements on your feet.
Besides the jokester who is proclaiming their feet sweat alot, we can see that in general the majority of people wear socks and shoes and listen to about an hour of music a day. This is quite a significant finding really!

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