Friday, May 9, 2008

Duration of Last Phone Conversation V. # of Friends on Facebook @ UCSD
5 min
9 min
14 seconds
1 min
2 min
15 min
1 hr
It was with you
8 min 36 sec.
no idea/will get back (199)
2 min
So here we see some interesting data. Before this survey was conducted I wanted to see the types of conversations people were having, and if they were long conversations or not. I then wanted to correlate this with weather the person was "popular" according to facebook. My hypothesis was that, the more friends the person has on facebook, then the less time spent on the phone, because that person is more about "lot's" of "fake" friends, rather then "deep" friendships. We see in the data that this is represented with the N/A people. Meaning they don't have a facebook account. So there time is significantly longer with 15 minutes and a Whopping 1 Hour on the Cellephono! Amazing! We again see another joke-ster in the set, with "It was with you" and his corresponding amount of friends, e^(i*Pi)+1. I must admit that this persons last phone conversation was with me, from the night before when I asked him if it was cloudy outside, so we could use the telescope. Unfortunately he reported that it was cloudy, so it was a no go. Although he was busy anyways, that conversation lasted approximately 3 minutes! We also see an honest reply with No idea/ will get back to you. Well I looked up this person's facebook and found there friend count to be just under 200. So overall, we do see a correlation with the amount of friends someone has on facebook, and the duration of there last phone conversation.

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