Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Most # of Hours you have stayed awake V. Avg. Amount of time you chew a stick of gum
1-2 min.
16 hrs
1 hr.
5 min
2 hrs
~60 :) -planning a conference
~40 min's
~27 hrs.
~30 mins.
~42 hrs
~15 mins
15-20 min
15 min.
1 Hr.
2 hours
~10 min
2 hrs
20 min

So here we see the data collected for the most amount of time someone has stayed awake, and the amount of time they usually chew a stick of gum. The reason this data was collected, was to see why people have stayed up so long. We see a possible correlation within the collected data, that people are chewing gum instead of falling asleep. A longer chewing time on the gum may imply a increase in the amount of hours stayed awake. This is because, as we all know, it's not Wise to fall asleep while chewing gum. The reason the sample data has people staying awake for more then 2 days, is because they were chewing gum, and they prefer to chew gum for a while. The data suggests that they could have gone to bed about 20 minutes earlier if they just spit out there gum. As far as the jokers in the sample, we see a defiance by simply writing "no". Maybe this individual is getting tired of my surveys. (shucks). We also see some one staying up for 140 hours. This translates to 5.833 days. A person that chews gum for only 15-20 minutes, this may be an exaggeration. we learn from here that "After 5 to 10 days of of continuous sleep deprivation, brief hallucinations occurred along with episodes of unusual behaviour". So usually we see people only staying awake for 1-2 days, which is much more healthy!

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