Thursday, October 22, 2009

Approximate amount of alcohol you have consumed in the last month V.s Approximate level of gasoline in your cars gas tank?

Approximate amount of alcohol you have consumed in the last month?
Approximate level of gasoline in your cars gas tank? (no car? - How do you get around?)
48 Oz. of beer (no hard liquor)
Between 1/4th and 1/2 tank
7 Gallons of home brew
I like to keep my tank half full
1 Can
10 Cans
5 bottles
Zip Car
5 Bottles
4 bottles
1 can
no car
no car ;)
5 cans
1/2 tank
0 cans
no car for the time being, walking
10 cans
36 oz beer/week + 1 shot
11/12 full
12 ccs (intravenously)
20 bottles
No car- walk
2 glasses
by buss but i used to always have the min amount
2 bottles
2 sips
500000000000000/1000000000000000 :)
6 pack

Great data, Great data!! I love it. Once again, welcome back all for another exciting analysis of the scientific data. We are defiantly developing some smarty pants in the class, which is leading to some very interesting data sets. We have a large sample size, once again, due to the strategic planning of the route of the survey through the class. Due to the professor being oblivious to what the students are doing, this class has been a perfect test bed for the different survey questions I have been wondering for my entire existence. Now, let's dive into the data, shall we?
In conducting this survey I wanted to look at how likely it was for a person in this class to die from drunk driving. Before you call your MOM, let me explain. If a person drives, they increase there chances of drinking and driving at the wheel, compared to a person who does not drive. Thus by singling out the people who have gas in their tank, we can then see if they have a car or not. Once this is know (which it is, as you can see above) we can then find out the corresponding amount of alcohol they drank in the last month. High values of drinking for a person who has gas in the tank of their car significantly increases there chances of dieing compared with a person who doesn't drink and walks. Lets see what the data tells us!

Removing bad data and people that don't have a gas tank, we calculate each drivers 'Drunk driver index'. By converting how much each person drunk in a month (in Fluid Oz.) multiplied by the amount of gas in their tank (0-1 values) we can then scale each person 'Drunk driver index' according to the total of the samples, thus getting a index % (out of 100). We can see in the graph, that people drinking 10 cans a week, with near a full tank in their car, are doomed for a high 'Drunk Driver index'. The data seams to be telling us quite a story, and that story is that, if your going to drink, keep your gas tank on low, to keep your drunk driver index low.

Disclaimer: Statements in this report are not meant to be used for real analysis, and the author and publisher of this anonymous survey data is not held responsible for the implications of the findings in this report.

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