Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last time you ate a Pb & J V.s Helping an old lady with her groceries.

When is the last time you ate a Pb& j sandwich?An old lady trips and falls and spills all her groceries everywhere. You are across the street and the only person who saw this and able to help. What do you do?
4 hours ago for lunch today!cross the street and help her
6 hours ago for lunch today!steal her food and run
1.5 hours agobuy her an anti rip grocery bag
1 weekhelp her
1 weekhelp
don't like Help
don't like SWhelp her
don't like swhelp
1 weekhe
what? (probably never)laugh & see if i can help, wait till someone passes
3 days agohelp her
6 months agohelp her
5 dayshelp
1 monthhelp her
_____help her
1 week help her
5 months, 1 days, & 6 hoursI didn't see this
What is that??!help her!
52 months agolaugh then help
yrs agohelp her
2 weeks?help
I don't rememberhelp her up
last weekhelp
what's that?help
Last weekyes
3 yearshelp her!
long timeHelp Her

We have a different set of questions tonight. As we left it open for some interpretation with the non-numerical results. We sure do have some nice people in the class who will help with the groceries (or with just her getting up as one person mentioned). I think it would be interesting to test how nice this class is by really demonstrating this experiment.
With these two columns I wanted to draw some conclusions on the last time a person had a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich and how eager a person is to help someone, then concluding that the longer it has been since a person has had a Pb and J, the more eager a person would be to help a stranger. Looking to see the decay factor of a PB and J sandwich. As you may know the decay factor of a PB and J is an exponential decaying function, for as time goes on and the more time passes, the more you forget how good Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are. Just after a week or so, Pb and J sandwiches begin to become more unattractive. What Causes this you may ask? Well it's simply built into the very nature of the sandwich! The peanut butter and jelly combination creates a unique texture not found anywhere else on the planet. This characteristic is an key component in the decay factor of a PB and J.
One point of note, that I did not mention, but would like to make a brief note of, is that the many people who are so eager to help the poor old lady may be under the influence of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For if they have just recently consumed a PB and J sandwich, the decay factor may not have taken much effect yet, thus they maybe looking for the goods from the old grandma to get the supplies to construct a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

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