Monday, November 2, 2009

What is your halloween costume V.s. What survey question would you like this survey to ask?

What is your Halloween Costume?What survey question would you like this survey to ask?
Homeless manHow many times did you blink today?
Myself...Do you..? I don't know..
Daffodil/smurfMilk Chocolate or dark Chocolate?
UnknownI don't know (guess i'm indecisive)
Egyptian queen?
secretI don't know
......once per 3 sec?? (you do the math..)
nothing for nowa bunch
mummyDon't Know
not suresomething random
birthday suitwhen do you sleep/wake up
A grad student doing HW at his apartmenthow much would you have to be paid to ask "what is j professor?"
straight A studentDon't care
MyselfDo we need a survey?
Student 2
Nothing special yethow do you find Mr. Surveyor? (Ha....)
not applicablehow many hours a week do you study daily?
not yetwhy do you come to class?
Sepideh1.549/h, Where h=plank's constant
not decided yet, any ideas?What language are you speaking?

Here we have a Halloween themed survey for the annual Halloween holiday. This was taken just 3 days before the big day, and we still have some people who are quite undecided in what to do. I would like to point out a few funny Halloween costumes; Birthday suit, a grad student doing Hw and straight A student top the funny list for me. Defiantly some creative costumes going on here!
As for the second column, I wanted to give the survey takers a chance to ask their own question if they have a burning desire to get a chance to see what people write down. If you have an idea not done yet, feel free to leave a comment! Some questions did seam to be quite interesting that I may use. I would like to note, that I am not out of random question and looking for more material, but rather I am just leaving it open to the class to see if they have a interesting question to ask. Of some of the suggested questions I am curious 'why people do come to class' it seams like their is a lot of chatter during lecture. I am also interested in when people wake up and go to be on average? I feel like that could give some great data to see how much of the day is seized by sleep!
To mention the nay-Sayers, I would like to note that, a survey provides cheep entertainment for all those involved in the survey collection process.

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