Thursday, November 5, 2009

Favorite type of weather V.s. Favorite movie of all time?

Favorite type of weather? (ie. sunny w/ some clouds, Rainy with a chance of meatball)Favorite movie of all time?
Bright and sunny, 80-90 FThe shawshank redemption
Bright and sunny 80-90FIron Man
Just sunny, temp doesnt matterSuperman
Sunny 75 Deg.Anchorman
Sunny with cloudsspiderman
some cloudsGodfather
Some clouds/sometime, thunderstorms/ a bit of snowGodfather
sunnyTomates Verdes Fritos (don't know english translation)
cloudyscent of a woman
sunny 80-90FThe Last Samurai
RainShoot'em up
Sunny w/ cloudsLOTR
CloudyHigh Fidelity
CloudyHigh school musical (haha!)
rainfight club
Snow/powderstand and deliver
Brisk SF Bary Area weather with morning fog.Home Alone
sunnyLion King
SunyTerminato II
sunny but coolup
sunny Star Wars
Sunny10 things I hate about you:)
Rainy with a chance of meatballsKarate Kid
Some Cloud
SunnyShall we dance?
RAIN!!!Mary Poppins

In collecting this data, I wanted to learn of some other great movies out there. I hope by posting this, that you can learn of some other great movies as well!! There are definatly some good one's on the list. We can also do some comparison in this data, by seeing what type of weather people like we can kinda correlate that to their favorite movie. Basically we would be able to see if the survey taker is a "gloomy" type of person or not based on what kinda weather they prefer, then see the corresponding movie. Notice that movies like, Fight Club, The Godfather,Shoot'em Up and Mary Poppins are favorite movies of people that prefer rain. However, notice that movies Like Anchorman, Spider man, Up, and Lion King all draw people who prefer Nice sunny weather.


Kerry said...

you took all that spanish listening lessons and you cant translate FRIED GREEN TOMATOS!!!

Matt Redmond said...

Clarification: I write what they put on the survey (minus the imdb, and youtube, links.) I wrote what they wrote.