Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you put anything over a public toilet V.s. Have you smoked Marjuana?

Do you put anything over a public toilet? If so what and how much of it?Have you smoked Marijuana?
Yes, 1 toilet seat coverNo
Yes- toilet seat cover or toilet paper. Or squat above to make quads strong.Nope- the only thing I've smokes is salmon. Mmmm!
No.No -the only thing I've smoked is steak.
Seat coverNo i wish
only if it looks gross or is a really busy placeno
toilet coverNo!
usually no...No
yes -toilet paperNo
see ->second entry aboveno
noof course not :)
yes, toilet seat coverNo
yes, seat covermaybe ;:)
My A$$ is very hairy; It serves as a natural armor against predators and toilet seats.No. Im afraid if I smoke anything my A$$-hair will catch on fire
ya, my bu#no
1 sheetNo
toilet seat cover or toilet paperNo
wipe w/ TP, then 2 seat coversno comment
toilet paperNo
seat cover + my bu#No
first wipe it with toilet paper then put seat coverNo, is it good?

yes, once a year

Once again we have great data for some odd questions. We only live once, and with this in mind, I figured I would ask the questions nobody asks. Here we have questions that people might not be comfortable asking. As we can see from the data, there are few people really admitting to smoking. Even thou this is a relatively anonymous survey as it's passed around class, people are still shy of their answer revealing too much about themselves.
Looking at the toilet seat cover question, we see that there are a few risk takers in the class room! However, it seams most people take the time to enjoy there seat on the toilet. I cant blame them. After all we may one day have scales for our toilet seats, enabling us to literally see how many pounds we drop.
Before I disembark, I want to mention this dedicated class who is extremely diligent in answering these surveys. Not only that, they also take it to another level, and make an effort to pass the survey back to me after it cycles through everyone in the class! Math class students you are amazing, thank you for letting me take your thoughts and publish them on this website, in hopes to make a penny or two!

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