Monday, October 5, 2009

Survey of the Day - The triple 3: Email, Phone, Bank Companys

Email Account Company Phone Company for CellBank Account Company
GmailT-mobileChase (wamu)
msnAT&TB of A
GmailVerizonB of A
YahooAT&TChase (wamu)
school's email T-mobileChase
school's emailSprintUBOC - (refering to Union Bank?)
GmailVerizonB of A

So we have some very interesting data tonight! The goal of this survey is to get a sence of what the best phone and Bank companys to use are. We can do this by a simple reverse regression by knowing that Gmail provides the best e-mail experience. Knowing that Gmail is the best, we can then look at peoples other company's that they use to see what is the best.
Before we dive into the data I wanted to take a step back and look at some general statistics. Notice that 9 of the 14 people surveyed use Gmail as their prefered email account. This is a fairly high ratio, considering that these are students, they definatly know What iz Up!
So our goal here is to find: P(phone company|Gmail) and P(bank company|gmail). Stated in english this is; What is the probabliity that they have a phone company, Given they have a gmail account. Like wise for a bank account. Looking at a visual representation, we can see the following:

Here we can see that T-mobile and Verizon have the most subscribers from gmail account users. I am unfamiliar with these service providers, but know that they have a great advertising network! I have also heard that Verizon has great Network coverage which is never a bad thing for a phone company.

Looking at the most popular bank companys used by people who have a gmail account, we can see that chase/wamu is a clear winner. For chase, I can attest that they are truly a great bank. Many familiar with the issue here in california are still getting used to Washington mutual converting to chase. It is my humble opinion that Wamu went bankrupt because they were so nice to their customers in rates, minimal fees, and free checks!
Overall, we have here another interesting data set that is proving to reveal quite alot. Who knew the power of crowds could be so powerful! I would like to mention that an offshore bank account may be paying much better intrest rates then we can find here in the states.

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