Friday, June 6, 2008

Amount of water you drink/day V. # of times you throw up each year
~15 * 1/3 glasses
~16 cups
3 bottles
60 oz
~12 oz
~1/2 yr.
~2 bottles
~ 0
10-20 oz
.75 Gallons
0.5 Gallon
prob <1
3 bottles
1 Gallon
1 drink juice
~1 bottle
So here we see some very interesting data for the amount of water people chug each day, and the amount of times they throw up each year. Comparing and contrasting these two sets of data, leads to some very interesting conclusions!! There is an odd similarity between drinking water and blowing chunks. Notice that the more water you drink, the worse the water tastes. This is because water is very bland to begin with, so adding more water to your taste buds does not help with flavor. On the contrary, throwing up is just the opposite, because the first puke is usually the worst, but after this you (hopefully) start to feel better and the chunks have defined a nice path to flow up the esophagus. So although this similarity wont help us with this data analysis, I just thought it would be interesting to bring up. Now to the actually data! First off we see that people really don't throw up that much. A maximum of 5 times/year. WOW, what are they drinking, "clearly" not water!! Overall we can see that the sample stays pretty healthy, and doesn't have food poisoning of the flu bug too often! Turning our attention to the amount of water consumed/day, we see that these people are dehydrated. The average person should drink 8 X 8oz. glasses a day = 64 Oz. We already know that these people exercise, so they are clearly not getting enough to drink. Overall we can conclude that 1 drink juice sounds a lot better then a glass of water!


Kerry said...

what the hell??? I stopped reading when I got to "chunks in the esophagus"

Michael J. Fuery said...

lol... your sophisticated scientific studies, oddly enough, always bring a smile to my face.