Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Schools admitted to before attending UCSD Vs. Amount of Hours each week doing Physical Activity

# of Schools admitted to, before choosing UCSD (not including UCSD) V. Amount of hours per week w/ Physical activity (Gym, sports, etc.)

3 40
4 10
6 8
0, only UCSD 8
3 10
2 4
1/1 5 Hrs.
5 0 or 25 (dance?)
0 5
1 4
4 5 <--(averaged)
1 20
0 4 or 20 (dance-not cardio)
So here we see the Data for how physical activity makes you smarter. Obviously the more number of schools accepted to, then the smarter this person is. They clearly would have worked harder to obtain such a high acceptance rate to the number of applied schools. We can convert smartness to hard work by looking at the number of hours spent working out each week. The higher such number is, we can clearly conclude that they are a hard worker. I must thank the user who took an average of the number of hours spent working out. This helps the data analysis go alot smoother, so thank you for that! As for Dance, does it count as physical activity? Well obviously it doesn't count for cardio, but we will count it for moving around and doing something. We can now turn our attention to the joke-sters in the sample. 40 hours/week of working out. WOW. Geez-La-Weez. I believe this was the same person that believes thinking burns calories, so they feel that this is physical activity. Although thinking may use calories, it does not burn enough above the threshold to scientifically prove that it is a sport. In conclusion we see, with a few minor exceptions, that the more time you spend at the gym, the more schools like you.

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