Saturday, December 12, 2009

Amount of Money Spent of Food today? V.s. How much Caffeine have you consumed today?

Amt. of Money Spent on food today (in USD)? (inc. food you bought previously but consumed today)How much Caffeine have you consumed today?
$1 (breakfast)+$.75(lunch)+$.50(yogurt)+$2.50 (dinner)=$4.750.0000mg
$0.50 (breakfast)+$1(lunch)+$0.50(coffee)+$2(dindin)=$4not enough = 4 cups so far. 2*tea, 2* coffee
$1.0+$2+0.5=$3.51 cup
approx. 5$1 green tea
approx 5$+3$=8$Zero [drawing of a person smiling, nice job!]
$14 [drawing of a sad face crying]more than 3 cups. HaHa :)
$10a pepsi
102 cups of tea
Zero, we had a party today :)1 cup
avg=$153 cups
2.60+3.50+1.65=$7.752 cups
approx. $61 cup coffee
$3.492 coffee
~$8.00Alot=> Soda,Coffee, Tea
~$3 in costco groceriesNone
$7 USD2 cups of coffee
$01.5 cup
$6.591 cup of tea & 1 cup of coffee
91 cup
approx 5.50none
~$2.00+coffee xpenses~5 cups(mas grandes)
$12.230 - goodbye matt
100000R, 1000R=1USD0

This is the last survey given to this class. All good things come to an end, and this class is not limited to that. I want to thank the class for putting up with these surveys through out the quarter. Although sometimes the turn out seamed quite low when people would just pass the survey on without even looking at it, but this turn out is quite large. for a class size of about 45+, we have a large sample population to go from.
Let's get into the data a little bit, first we notice that it's a sad and unfortunate situation to see so much coffee being drunk, however there are a significant amount of zeros along the column that has us give hope to one day live in a caffeine free world! We also notice a significant portion of peoples wages being spent on food each day. However these being the cheep students they are, it seams that the eat quite cheep!
While until I can obtain some more survey data, well see you next time!

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