Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wheat Bread or White Bread? V.s. Did you fill out the 2010 Census?

Wheat Bread or White Bread?Did you fill out the 2010 Census?
WheatOf course, 3 times
wheat (7 grain)No
wheat (double Fiber)No
Please stop these surveys! They are DISTRACTING
(i like the distraction!) [arrow pointing to above]
Wheat (whole grain
of course
white! but need to save calories for other good foodI don't know, but I am doing it everyday for other people cuz i am working for them
white with wheatYah, duh, takes 5 mins
don't careno
wheatyes and answered the 15 min phone survey
wheatyes-but there is a serious int'l student confound in this
wheatmagically got filled out for me
wheatyes, it's illegal not to!

Great Data, Great Data! I have been meaning to find out if people have filled out there census forms for quite some time, and with the professor having the TA teach the class, what better oppertunity to distract the class?!!? It looks like wheat is definatly more common then white bread, as it should be for it's nutritional properties!
One response in this survey cought me a little off gaurd. First, the person that said they diden't care about white bread or wheat bread. Well I hope they have a prefrence, it is an important life decision, and should be thoughtfully thought out.
As with all my surveys, the surveyers have the write to write down anything, and I simply transcribe there results. After all it's there opinion that needs to fit the data, not the other way around! Until next time when I have a cool class to pass out these surveys, take care!

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