Thursday, April 15, 2010

How many Text's do you send in a month V.s. Favorite Past President?

How many Text's do you send in a month (on Avg.)?Favorite Past President? (not Obama)
around 100Clinton
5<T<10Bill Clinton
500Bill Clinton
approx. 1500Clinton
~400Carter (l Like Peanuts)

    Once again, Great Data, Great Data!!! Thank you to all those who participated. It seams it's really tough to get this class excited about these random surveys. Although it makes it to more then half the class, it seams like the survey get's stuck in quicksand some where among the students and then a RAOK flys along and saves it.
    We can see from the data that the class is not too heavy on TXTing. I could safely say that this class looks pretty dilligent. They seam to pay attention to our exciting lectures and stay off the facebooks and on the textbooks. On average it seams these students do not have the unlimited texting plan. 
    Correlating the data sets, we can see no correlation between the two data sets, but we do see some interesting choices for presidents.

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