Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is your favorite food to cook at home? V.s. Have you ever edited a Wikipedia Page?

What is your favorite food to cook at home?Have you ever edited a wikipedia page?
-If yes, what page, how often?
-If no, How does it feel to be a freeloader on the largest encyclopedia ever?
Lasagnayes, random edits, loop detectors, morgan territory, SDSC, prison break
enchiladasno, I still use encarta
Fajita casseroleNo
Stir fryNo
Glazed SalmonNo, great
fried salmon w/ veggiesno, the best
swiss enchiladasno, i feel like a REBEL
BBQno, it's great
ramenno, too lazy
enchiladasNo, i feel like the king of the world
Fried chickenNo, I really don't care to be completly honest
chicken katsuNo, I don't use wikipedia
bratwurstNo, awesome
plain pasta w/ nothing on itNo, Everything on it is a lie
PHONo, i steal citations and sources
cup noodles yes I like to vandalize
Korean bbqNo, it's great
tamalesNo, it's ok
EggsNo, and I don't mind
ricenope, feels great
eggs & riceno, but i still source it in dreaded MLA format
FRIED chickenyes, can't remember it was just to F around
noodleyes, once, change the data on a historical event
BiryaniNo, but I should enter wrong info. Lol.

Well In asking this question I really just wanted some ideas to what to cook for dinner. As a second question I tried to correlate if the student is a hard worker and goes above and beyond and edit's Wikipedia articles. As we see the meals, for the most part, are quite simple, and pretty much no one edit's Wikipedia, so our survey dident work out as planned. That's Ok, we need to stay positive for the future survey correlation effects! I hope this survey does give some dinner ideas to the visitors however!!

BONUS SURVEY: I went ahead and included my own mini-survey on the back of this survey to get an idea for a more positive reflection of these surveys. However, this survey was conducted in a different class then the previous survey.

Do you find these surveys Fun, exciting & a creative release of energy?

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It's amazing what a little change in wording and suggestion can do in swaying peoples opinion. But really the fact of the matter is, this survey was abruptly stopped by one student, thus forcing the survey to be re-taken in another class of freshman and sophomore college students.

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