Monday, April 12, 2010

What is your favorite ride at Disneyland V.s. What is the highest speed you have been in a car?

What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?What is the highest speed (in mph) you have been in a car?
The Mark Twain Boat Ride110 Mph
I don't like Disneyland (universal studio is better)120mph
Space Mountain110mph
Pirates of the Caribbean80mph
Indiana Jones100 mph
Indiana Jones120
Indiana Jones115
Space Mtn.120
Don't like Disneyland
never been there <-- You haven't lived125
Captain EO! (stick figure picture)90mph
Space Mountain115mph
Alice in Wonderland!110mph
Pirates of Caribbean120
Haunted Mansion @ Christmas98 (max speed for a 91' 4 runner
Indiana Jones107 (max speed for '02 Tocoma)
Indiana Jones100
Indiana Jones100 mph
Indiana Jones110
Jungle cruise or Train ride90 mph
Can't decide95 mph
Space mountain90 mph?

Well once again, we have some spectacular data! Although the sample size is a little small for such a full class room with brilliant minds, we are grateful for any at all. In asking this survey I wanted to find a correlation between peoples favorite ride at disenyland and their thrill seeking side to see how fast they have gone in a car. It's clear we have some true dare devils in the class, with speeds reaching 125mph and 120mph. This is about the speed that a car's governor kicks in. Just briefly looking over the data, we see there is a slight tendency for people to like space mountain and Indiana Jones and to have gone faster than 100mph.
We now take a moment to analyize the Disneyland question for a moment. After all, Disneyland is one of the Happiest places on Earth, so why not study the data a bit more!! So as a group, the most popular ride stated above was Indiana Jones.

So clearly Indiana Jones and Space mountain are the top two rides within the surveyed class. Luckly both of these rides have fast-pass options, and Indiana Jones even has a single rider option. If it's not your birthday, and your still itching to go to disneyland, check out this Disneyland Ride Map with the various youtube videos of the ride on a map. I couldent conclude my discussion on Disneyland without mentioning their crowd control. After the fireworks, they move people so efficiently down main street that they make you feel less like cattle and more like an actual person.
Bonus Survey: We were lucky enough to have a very passionate student to add their own survey to the original survey. The results are shown below, and the analysis is left to you.. (tear drop).
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