Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is the Worst Tasting Vegetable V.s. What is the Healthiest Vegetable

In your opinion, what is the worst tasting vegetable?In your opinion, what is the healthiest vegetable?
Cauliflower, egg plantBrussels Sprouts, sweet potatoes
Brussels SproutsBroccoli
Brussels sproutsBroccoli
Brussels SproutsBok choy - baby ones!
Egg PlantKale
none ->they're all good!Spinach
I LOVE VEGGIES. they're all fabulous +1KALE never had it? buy it today and have it for dinner.
Raw FennelBroccoli
noneChinese broccoli
Balsam pearCelery
Brussels sprouts +1 +1 +1Kale
squash/zucchinispinach +1
Kalespinach +1
fennelsweet potatoes
Bhut Jolokia peppercarrots +1
celery +1Carrots
Bhut Jolokia pepperkale
love them Allspinach
carrotgai lan
Brussels sprouts (cauliflower is good)broccoli
iceberg lettuceasparagus
bitter melonasparagus

I would like to thank my current Economics class for this data. It was an exciting first day collecting in this new class room. Many hesitant faces to a random survey being passed around made it all the more fun! As you can see we collected some amazing data, with a huge sample size, which will allow for a interesting analysis!
To begin our analysis, we can look at the wisdom of the crowds and find the answer to our questions about vegetables.

Well, I am sure glad not to see any overlap in these two categories. When it comes down to the correct answer, we can find that nutrition tables present a similar story. In fact, the survey's top 3 healthiest vegetable made it on to the top ten healthiest vegetables. As for the top 3 worst tasting vegetables, only Brussels sprouts made it to the healthy list on These results are not bias either. We can find similar results elsewhere.
So now that we know which vegetables are the healthiest, let's look at some recipes to exercise what we have learned.

If these recipes don't look good enough, then maybe we should look at how healthy these vegetables are! Did you know that vegetables are a great way to reduce cardiovascular disease.

Now that your aware of how vegetables can help change your life, you might be interested in growing them for free (in a garden perhaps). To get started, just check the current season you will start planting, and find a good veggie to start your garden with!

As for the new class, they seam a little hesitant to be interrupted by a survey during class. Frankly I don't blame them, but the survey is for public science research for the Internet, and thus is a very good cause and worth the distraction. I can only hope that the class takes a liking to the random interview question each day, similar to what we have seen in the past! My fellow classmates are still learning the way of the survey, and how it forces interaction amongst the stranger next to them, yet at the same time makes a bond to another class mate who wrote down the same answer as them. I'm looking forward to a great quarter with some off-the-wall random surveys to give this diverse student body.
If you happen to be in this class, and your results are written above, thank you for visiting. Tell a friend, they will love you for it! I would like to point out, that often time my links infused in the text will usually tell a story parallel to the one on the page, but occasionally it will tell one a little off course. Enjoy!

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