Saturday, November 6, 2010

When was the last laptop you bought? V.s. Were you FOR or AGAINST Prop 19?

When was the last laptop you bought?Were/are you for or against Prop 19?
2009against (I Can’t vote :) )
2010against, although it would have been interesting to see.....

Great Data, Great Data!!! I love it. Bringing these two questions we really see some interesting topics. In asking the first question, I was really looking at the Ewaste problem, and how often we go through new electronics. It seams cell phones would follow a simple 2 year expiration date due to contracts signed with carrier companies. However laptops should be less prone to this, as they tend to just get slow, rather then have a reason to upgrade. From the data we see that laptops are all fairly recent. With only one person have a laptop that’s 4 years old.

Here at UC Irvine there is a group on campus that looks to take old laptops and refurbish them with a form of Linux and install education software for them to be brought to developing communities abroad. The project is called: and aims to solve both the digital divide as well as the Ewaste problem with electronics being disposed of improperly.
We now shift our area of study to the much more controversial, Proposition 19. For those of you unfamiliar with the latest California Mid-term election, California proposed a proposition where, acording to wikipedia;

“If passed, it would have legalized various marijuana-related activities, allowed local governments to regulate these activities, permitted local governments to impose and collect marijuana-related fees and taxes, and authorized various criminal and civil penalties.”

The Proposition did not pass. However, with the election over, I thought it would be interesting to see peoples opinion on the issue. I do respect some peoples blank answers, as this could be considered a touchy issue. Overall this small poll gave more blank answers than anything, but using a filter we find the following:
Interesting to see the class agreed with the rest of the states outcome. If we combine these two data set’s and look for a correlation we have to declare it as inconclusive. It would have been nice to see however if those for Prop 19 would have had older laptops, thus adding insult to injury to say that money goes where the altered state of mind flows. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

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