Friday, October 29, 2010

Prefered Morning Beverage V.s. Iphone or Android?

Prefered Morning Beverage?Iphone or Android?
JuiceSymbiam 3
OJ, NOT beerNeither :(
Tomato Juice, fruit juice, OJneither
OJWho wants to pay an extra $30/month for data? I don’t :)
Coffee, muffinIphone
Hot Tea
Orange juiceX
OJ, muffinAndroid

Once again by sneaking two questions next to the sign in sheet for the weekly transportation seminar, I was able to collect some data! It seams that for morning beverages, orange juice beats coffee for grad students. Here is the break down in chart form:

Notice that 2 people prefer a muffin as their morning beverage. I am not sure if they mix this in a blender and drink it, or are assuming that it goes down the normal way as a food snack. Shifting our attention to the other question, we see that neither iPhone nor Android is dominating the Mobile OS market in our seminar class. I was a bit sad to see the comment about paying so much for data on a mobile phone, because their are cheaper options out their. If we look at the graphical representation of mobile phones in the class room, we can see iPhone is in a close second!

Just as a brief conclusion, it may say something at People with iPhone’s tend to like OJ as their morning beverage. Leading us to conclude that people without a iPhone are more high strung and need that Caffine addiction to get by!

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