Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorite Homemade Cookie V.s. Free Round trip Flight, Where would you go?

Favorite Homemade Cookie?Free Round trip flight, where would you go?
Homemade GingerbreadIrvine, So I can say I went Around the world
HomemadeWent around the world
Chocolate ChipEurope
Chocolate ChipTaiwan
NoneNew York
Ice CreamMy home town Tehran
MacadamiaBora Bora
OatmealDC (TRB)
Ice CreamMiami
Snickerdoodle :)Magicland
SnickerdoodleNew Zealand
Chocolate Chip with PeppermintTimbucktwo

This data was collected right before the winter break, so holiday cookies were a hot topic, as well as vacation time for travel. If we look at the cookie data, we see people prefer typical chocolate chip cookies, and snicker-doodle cookies. To really see what is going on, lets pull up a graph of the data!

As for the ice cream cookies, I am wondering exactly what kinda cookies they are talking about; It’s it’s or Fatboy’s, or a homemade version. I wouldn't mind any of these, but I wish the survey participants could reveal more about their personal life.
In asking our participants where they would like to travel, we found that exactly half of the participants prefer to fly to an international destination, while the other half preferred domestic flights. Some interesting flight choices to places like Timbuktu and the Bora Bora islands. I am surprised nobody cared to go to Sandals resort. In general, we have a diverse set of locations for people to go on vacation to. A couple ambitious folks looking to go around the world for their flight. I have heard of “around the world travel tickets” with certain airlines, but not sure if our question would grant such unconstrained travel.
I think it would be interesting to have airlines offer the preferred cookie of choice on a flight to a specific destination. Looking for a correlation between the data, we find that chocolate chip cookies are preferred by those with an international flight.

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