Thursday, January 20, 2011

Favorite Midnight Snack V.s. Time Spent on Facebook This Week

Favorite Midnight Snack?Time spent on Facebook this week?
PB and J1 hour
Bowl of Lucky Charms30 mins
Almonds> 90 mins
Potato Chips<>
None45 mins
Ice Cream10 mins
QuesadillasInfinity on BB
Protein Shake0
Ramen~30 min
It’s not healthy!Infinity +
CerealNo Facebook
~ 60 min
Instant Noodles~2 hours

Here we have some data that may actually be correlated. If we consider those who are on facebook a great deal, then we can look at what their midnight snack is, and see how much of an expert they are at this late night snack thing, where the calories don’t matter!
Looking at the Midnight snack choices, we can see that quite a few people prefer high sugar items. This may not be the best for sleep, but can help ease a upset stomach. Notice that a few of our guest’s
decided to eat ramen as a midnight snack. This could be a common snack for those living outside the U.S. In general, we see that the midnight snack choice does have a high amount of sugar and calories to go with it. If we shift our attention to the Facebook question, of how much time people spend on facebook in a given week. Surly people are experincing the time warp that facebook put’s us through, when we go online. where 15 minutes in real life becomes like 1 minute in facebook time, because it is just that interesting to read of what other “friends” are doing. The studies on facebook are large and growing! It seams that facebook is playing a big role in our online identies.

If we look at the time people spend on facebook, including the individuals who are opting out of facebook at this point in their lives (it’s inevitable eventually), we see that on average people spend about 50 minutes on facebook a week.

Once again, great data, providing new insight’s into the future of the universe!

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