Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do you pick up Pennies off the ground when walking V.s. Favorite Energy Bar?

Do you pick up Pennies off the ground when walking?Favorite Energy Bar
YesMint Chocolate Clif Bar
SometimesPenut butter clif bar
No, that’s disgusting!---
yes (only heads)Trader Joes
“Sometimes”Balance (chocolate mint)
Nocliff Bar

We start by analyzing the left hand side column, where we asked if people pick up “dirty” pennies off the ground. Suprizingly, we find that bending over and picking up a pennie is not worth the effort. Maybe we should ask the same question for nickels, dimes, quarters, 1 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, 10 dollar bills and 20 dollar bills. We may start to see a shift of peoples responses from quarters to dollars, when it’s actually enough money to bend over. Asking these questions, or observing people pick up change you throw out on the ground, we can calculate the cost for someone bending over. Here we have a chart of peoples responses, and it clearly shows the most don’t find a Pennie worth bending over for. However, very few do, in fact it seams that if luck is
involved people are more likely to pick up their lucky Pennie. To address these “sometimes” we may need to consider if they are busy getting somewhere, or if they already have their hands full of other items, and a shiny copper Pennie on the ground is the least of their worries. Something, I have always wondered, was how did the pennie get on the ground in the first place? Was it dropped by accident? Was it dropped with a couple friends (ie. quarters, nickels and dimes) and someone left the Pennie for it’s own survival? Moving to the Right hand side of the column...
On the right hand side we can see which energy bars these pennies are being spent on. A couple non-responses for energy bars, leads us to believe that these individuals prefer other types of food that provides sustained energy. Of the small sample size, we can conclude that Clif Bar is a true winner for it’s Penut butter flavor! While one individual is vague mentioning only the store they shop at for energy bars, it’s clear that Trader Joes is a clif bar supplier offering a varity of Clif products!

As a side note, Clif Bar, headquarters picture above, is a noble company looking to sustain it’s company and brand, it’s people, it’s community and the planet! Not many other companies try to be so sustainable in 5 different areas. Clif Bar’s founder, Gary Erickson looks to run his business in a responsible way, not driven only for profit. A very reputable move in my opinion. Not only do they have a fabulous product, but also a wonderful buisness model that is worth supporting next time your out shopping for a energy bar!

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