Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time of Longest Phone Call V.s. Time Since Last Time you Have Changed a Diaper

Time of Longest Phone callTime since last time you have changed a diaper
~10 minNever
1 hour7 yrs.
30 minNever
3 hrs1 week
< 1 hr10 yrs
~2 h1 h
1.5 hrs---
2 hnever
> 3 hrs1 year
~1 hrnever
~1 hrnever
~1 hr never

Great Data, Great Data!! Here we have some interesting results for our survey data for this past week. We see that most people on the phone keep their conversations under an hour, at the hour at the most. On average we found that people spoke about 1 hour and 30 minutes for their longest recorded phone conversation. This is a significant amount of time on the phone, especially considering battery life these days. It amazes me how long cell phone batteries last, considering they are basically on all the time. I wonder how often, and when people charge their cell phones to prevent from draining their battery. Overall I was a little surprised to find that the longest phone call was only about 3 hours. I would think that a long
distance relationship would increase phone call time significantly, although current technology is preventing this from occurring. We see some individuals who choose not to receive too much radiation in their ear and keep their phone durations to a minimum. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Now for the analysis of the Poopy Diaper! The results vary from different individuals from having just changed a diaper, to having never changed a diaper in their life! We can tell who the parents are in the class, and who the aunt's and uncles are and which students are too shy to get involved in parenting. In this data collection we are assuming people are changing disposable diapers and not using the environmentally friendly method of cloth diapers. Although each year their is a world record attempt at the most number of cloth diapers changed in a day: Info link here! Another interesting thing to note, is that no matter how talented these graduate students are, none of these were able to change their own diaper.
If we try to correlate this data, we can see that the "parents" aka the recent diaper changers, have had above average talk time's on the phone. This would agree with a hypothesis that a couple with a child would have had to talk on the phone for a longer period of time, then a single bachelor. Interestingly enough it's just a matter of time, till these baby's getting their diapers changed, will be looking to have a cell phone of their own and talk the night away!

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