Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do you put water on your tooth paste before you brush your teeth? V.s. What is your favorite pasta noodle?

Do you put water on your tooth paste before you brush your teeth?What is your favorite pasta noodle?
yeslasangna noodles
yeaspaghetti -(this is Proffessor Gao'sanswer)
I prefer to brush without tooth pastepappardelle
yestagliatele(i don't know how to write it)
[some Chinese character]lasagna
yes[3 Chinese characters] (<---What does this mean?, It mean's I don't know)
yesdon't know
yesangel hair
yesI hate pasta!
YesDo not care
Why do you have to brush?Idk
yes+1angel hair
I use mayoBowtie
yesthin spaghetti

Here we have two simple questions that really get's to the core of people's heart. They express there decision for how they brush their teeth daily, as well as tell where they like their Prego sauce. It's amazing how interesting these classmates become by simply writing down a two word response. Each person in this survey has a desire and a will in an attempt to maximize their happiness for them as well as those around them. Their desire for one pasta noodle over the other is such an intrinsic characteristic of that persons human nature that can be traced back to their birth.
Thinking about a correlation between our data set here, would give us some interesting point's of consideration. For example, if a person doesn't prefer to sprinkle a little water over their toothpaste before they brush, they may also prefer a certain type of noodle. Looking at the responses we can see that this really isn't the case. Of the 4 people that said they do not put water over their tooth paste, they gave the following responses: "noodle, tak-pichaki, penne and tarfelle. Where 2 of these 4 don't make much sense at all. With this just being a quick survey, it would be interesting to note, how people cook these different type of pasta noodles. Creative freedom allows for us to under cook, or overcook the noodles, not to mention all the different recipe possibilities we have!
In conclusion, it seams that the pasta noodles really brought out the best of everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Including those that said the obvious; spaghetti (Professor, this means you) as well as those throwing Americans curve balls with their knowledge of Pasta. Just for the record, I believe it's saw toothed ridges on the bow tie pasta (or should I say Farfalle) that makes it taste 26.3% better! Speeking of teeth, maybe there is a correlation!

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