Monday, November 23, 2009

What is the meaning of life? V.s. What is the meaning of this class?

What is the meaning of life?What is the meaning of this class?
To give random surveys!To aquire as much math knowledge as possible!
To explore unknown sitesRemind my memory when I studied math in Korea
I dont know,.. still looking forTo get a High GPA
Competition is the ultimate reduction of the human spiritTo learn convolution in it's purest sense
IndulgeSolve Recker's Homework
Do you want a dictionary def of life? Please refer to websters.comLearn the importance of owning a wand review the math I have learned
Laughit's required
Love & laugh[a box with a little house in it]!!!
make a positive impact in the worldlearn math
work->$->spent->work->$->spent [Diagramed in a circle]to get a job
being self sustaininggetting my degree
Don't know yetLearn the meaning of life!
be happy and make people happy and help themhow to deal with numbers and graphs when you want to make decision based on them
Happiness, education,kindness, awarenees, thankful of godFun :D
be happylearn engineering math concepts
what is life?to copy homework
Sex, Drug, rock & rollshit
Fun, Love [pic of a heart with arrow through it]I have no Idea!
give me $500 to tell youNull!
help others"sero, sero, sero"
is there one?not sure
world peacenot sure
Live it to the best!No clue! Pointless

Woot Woot!! Wow, what amazing results we have for tonight's survey. This class is definatly making the most of these surveys. They are really searching deep within their hearts to give a well thought out answers. I am happy to see some people put "help others" and "world peace" for the meaning of life, what optimism! We can also see that people are rather positive about our math class. This reveals that overall the class has a positive attitude heading into the final exam! I went ahead and passed around another survey during this same class, this survey can be seen here.


Eduardas said...

nice and confusing, what is the purpose of these surveys?

Random Survey's said...

Just for fun, to entertain me and my classmates!