Saturday, December 12, 2009

What is your Favorite Dessert/Junkfood V.s. How many Surveys can you tolerate in one class period?

What is your favorite Dessert/Junkfood?How many Survey's can you tolerate in one class period?
Apple Pie A La mode Mint chipAs many as you can +1
Chocolate Mousse[infinity symbol]
Ice cream3
pineapple cake4
A little greedy with 2 surveys, eh?I'd rather not find out
ice cream?
ice cream1
Pizza and ice cream[Picture of a spiral sun]
Potato Chips...
ice cream1
french fries $ ice cream1
chocolate cake[infinity symbol]
jellyi don's know
pizookieLet's test it
chocolate 1
Pumpkin Pie0
Pizzagood question
Pizza2 are OK!

So this was the second survey given in the class period, and yes I was being a little greedy by passing around a second survey, however this particular class period seamed to drag on and on. Also the following class was cancelled due to a thanksgiving holiday.
So what does the data tell us? Well it's clear that people are not as enthusiastic about taking surveys as I am, however it seams most people have been very tollerant of the usual 1 survey in the class. We can also see that Pizza and ice cream are quite enjoyable to most people! I feel it would be interesting to look at some sort of correlation between the amount of calories the specified desert has, and compare that with the number of surveys a person can tolerate in one class. Doing so we might be able to find a correlation between laziness and motivation!

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